Kashmiri Bapu – Gir Junagadh

However, he is always cool. And hence the name Kashmiri Bapu. Kashmiri Bapu has been at the place since more than 52 years. He has developed the place and established three temples there. The temple of Khodiyar Mataji, temple of Mahadev and temple of Kumarswami. Kashmiri Bapu himself sleeps in open air. Rooms are made […]

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Junagadh Tourism – History

We have many historical cities in Gujarat and other states of India, but Junagadh is unique among them, as it comprises of historical monuments starting from the very ancient age (500 BC) till the most recent history of partition of India in 1947 AD. This city, as the name suggests, is a city of old […]

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Kathiyawad – Kathiawar

The Part of Gujarat State Saurashtra (Kathiawar) was earlier named the United State of Kathiyawad(Kathiawar) from Western India at British era. It consists of 11 districts of Gujarat, including Rajkot District. It is a peninsula also called Kathiawar after the Kathi Darbar who ruled part of the region once. Now a kathiyawad(saurashtra) is part of […]

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Damodara Kund

This is the main place where the two festivals are celebrated every year. In the month of October-November during the period of five days concluding on the full-moon day of Kartik Month “Parikrama” is held after hoisting of Dhaja on this temple. The parikrama or circular travel goes on for five days, covering a distance […]

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Ashok Shilalekh

History lovers can visit the Ashok Shilalekh or the rock edicts of Emperor Ashoka. One particular rock edict of Ashoka can be found in an area between Junagadh and Girnar Hill. On walking 3 km from Girnar Hill or 2 km eastward from Junagadh, this rock with inscriptions that date back to 250 BC can […]

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Adi-Kadi Vav,Uparkot

Adi-Kadi Vav built in the 15th century is carved entirely out of hard rock. A narrow flight of 120 stairs cuts down through the stone to meet the well shaft deep in the stone. Two different legends claim to explain the name of the well. One says that the king ordered a stepwell to be […]

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The Khapara Kodia caves

The oldest, the Khapara Kodia caves belong to 3rd-4th century AD and are plainest of all cave groups. These caves are along the edge of the ancient Sudarshan Lake (which no longer exists) and the northern side of Uparkot. The chambers are separated into an east-west longitudinal crest. The rectangle western wing and the ‘L’ […]

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In the middle of the town of Junagadh, there is the ancient Upper Fort or Uparkot on the plateau, which is believed to have been built around 312 BC by Changradupta Maurya. This fort has a long history that includes 16 attempts to besiege this fort over a period of 800 years. One of these […]

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Sakkarbag Zoo

Sakkarbag Zoo is India’s third oldest zoo and the oldest zoo of Gujarat. It is known to breed Gir lions and supply it to other zoos. Inside the complex of this zoo, there is a museum that exhibits rare collection of stuffed animals, art furniture, Persian Sanskrit inscriptions, ancient coins and other artefacts. There are […]

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Tulsishyam Hot Springs

There are three hot water springs at Tulsi Shyam. The first spring is having warm water. The second one is having slightly hot water. But the third one is having the boiling water. The steam can be seen coming out of the water from this third spring. The visitors take bath in these water springs […]

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The Science Museum

The Science Museum at Junagadh is the first and sole science museum privately owned in Gujarat. There are over 60 science projects in this museum, which are related to science facts and can be managed by visitors. There is also a small aquarium and an open-air garden restaurant which serves Punjabi and South Indian dishes […]

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Museum in Sakkar Baug

The Sindhu Civilization remains which are found in Harappa and Moen-jo-dero, are also found near Junagadh in the village called Intala. People call it Intala because a large quantity of bricks (Int) were found from the underground there. Many remains collected therefrom have been preserved at the museum situated at Sakkar Baug.   Other Related […]

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Darbar Hall Museum is a major attraction in Junagadh. The Durbar Hall originally belonged to the Nawab of Junagadh. Historical art effacts of that time can be seen in this hall that is segmented into sections like palanquins, arms gallery, picture gallery, textile gallery and the Kacheri. Visitors can also see various thrones, weapons, howdahs, […]

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Ayurvedic Museum

Ayurvedic Museum is located at the Ayurvedic College at Sardarbag in the western part of town. The personnel are helpful to those interested in learning something about this ancient and natural medical treatment.   Other Related Posts:Atal Bihari Vajpayee Former Prime Minister of India passed…IBPS CWE Clerks VII Notification 2017 (Institute of Banking…UPSC Civil Services […]

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Ozat 2 Dam Badalpur

A very small Village nearby Bilkha in junagadh district. It is famous for its “Ozat 2 Viyar Yojana” situated near this village on River Ozat is the second largest DAM in Saurastra Region. Badalpur is very small Village having population is not more than 2000. a very natural scenario around the village, most of the […]

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